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Wed, 21 July, 2021

A Principal Verification Engineer within TWI Certification Ltd’s (TWI CL) Company Certification department, John Brampton, has always aspired to work for TWI. Since reaching that goal almost six years ago, John has continued to work hard developing himself and TWI CL business, as well as the next generation of engineers that he meets through his work.

John’s role is to perform assessments on engineering companies, training providers and colleges to ascertain their compliance with Company Certification Schemes. Successful organisations will then be issued a set of certificates, which, depending on the scheme, will enable them to demonstrate their compliance with International and European Standards and win contracts.

John’s most memorable moment at TWI CL, was when he helped develop the Certification Scheme for Welder Training Organisations (CSWTO). Having a background as a college lecturer, John was uniquely positioned to offer insight and guidance into the Schemes’ creation, and bridge the gap between the Certification Body (TWI CL) and industry (college/training provider) requirements.

Not only was John’s background pivotal in the development of CSWTO, but also instrumental in explaining the benefits of it to those in industry. There are now over 40 colleges and training providers in the UK who have attained the status of ‘Approved Welder Training Organisation’ from TWI CL. This accolade enhances customer confidence in the competence of these organisations to deliver welder training, and generates new business opportunities between these training providers and the greater industry.

Having been a lecturer himself, John knows the importance of good quality lecturing and training facilities in the development of young welders. He prides himself on the ‘stamp of approval’ given by the CSWTO badge and what it means for the quality of education and experience gained by the students studying within an Approved Training Organisation. For John, one of the main benefits of working at TWI CL is having the opportunity to use his experience to help and develop the young people he meets in industry and colleges.

Although John focuses on developing others as well as TWI CL business, he also makes sure to take time to develop himself. Having successfully completed the European/International Welding Engineering (EWE/IWE) Diploma, before going on to gain certified status as a Certified International Welding Engineer (CIWE), John lives by the advice he offers when it comes to certification; “go for certification as this proves your ability to perform to the required standards and will assist in future employment opportunities or the ability of your company to compete on the world stage.”

Even difficulties are opportunities for John, and the way he deals with them? “By having a can-do attitude and going the extra mile!” This is probably easier said than done, and John may be helped somewhat by the benefits of working at TWI CL. Not only has he developed friendships with his team members, but he also has opportunities to meet a diverse range of people in different industries and assist them in gaining certification and developing their businesses – which is a big part of what John loves about his job. For all the companies and individuals he has helped, John has one main piece of advice, which is to “continue to work to the standard requirements and do not drop your standards now you have certification.” You’ve done the hard work, so be like John and keep your can-do attitude and your certification!

If you are interested in becoming an Approved Welder Training Organisation, or gaining more information about certification through the Certification Scheme for Welder Training Organisations (CSWTO), you can do so on our dedicated website.

More information about the other certification schemes offered by TWI Certification Ltd can be found on the TWI CL website

If you are interested in certifying your European/International Welding Specialist (IWS), Technologist (IWT) or Engineer (IWE) Diploma, more information and an application form can be found here.

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