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TWI CL an accredited certification body, formed over 25 years ago, to provide a reliable, credible and integral source of third-party certification.

Who We are

Providing certification for individuals and organisations, assuring industry of the competence and compliance of its people, products and procedures.

What We Do

A comprehensive source of industry compliance and client confidence on an international scale.

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Wed 31 Jan 2024
Meeting the needs of industry

Globally recognised as a premier provider of third party certification for individuals, products and processes, TWI Certification (TWI CL) works tirelessly to meet the requirements of industry, while maintaining a reputation for quality, reliability and impartiality. 

Its CSWIP certification schemes have operated for over 50 years and are the benchmark by which the competence of personnel are distinguished. While its company and training organisation certifications have been setting an industry standard for manufacturing, product and training compliance since 1993.

As a Recognised Third Party Organisation (RTPO) for the UKs Pressure Equipment (Saftey) Regulation 2016, TWI CL is able to provide welder qualifications (WPQR and WPS) in compliance with both UK and International Standards. 

TWI CL continuously reviews, adjusts and updates the growing portfolio of certifications to ensure that they meet the changing requirements of industry. Being able to combine personnel, organisational and procedural certification enables TWI CL to provide a unique service to clients, while maintaining the exceptional level of quality that is synonymous with TWI Certification Ltd.


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