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TWI Certification Ltd
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Competence requirements for exporting welded products to Europe

If your company is serious about exporting welded products to Europe then TWI Certification can help you to understand the key fabrication standards and how you can demonstrate your compliance.

Accredited by UKAS, we provide verification of your company’s welding and fabrication capability and certification of your employees to meet these Standards.

Verifying your company’s capability

The Pressure Equipment Directive
This directive sets the standard for the design, manufacture, testing and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies of pressure equipment.  It stipulates that, pressure equipment and assemblies above specified pressure and/or volume thresholds must:
• be safe
• meet essential safety requirements covering design, manufacture and testing
• satisfy appropriate conformity assessment procedures; and
• carry CE marking and other information

Requirements documents for the qualification of inspectors, welders and welding procedures in accordance with the directive can be found on the CSWIP website.  

Quality Requirements for Welding (BS EN ISO 3834)         
An international standard defining the quality requirements for a welded product, with emphasis on  managing and controlling product quality in a workshop or on site. Many regulations, standards and specifications are now requiring manufacturers, fabricators and repairers of welded products to show that they comply with EN ISO 3834. Third-party certification is not mandatory but it does provide a recognisable, credible and efficient way to show compliance.

TWI Certification Ltd operates the Welding Fabricator Certification Scheme, designed to enable welding fabricators to demonstrate compliance with EN ISO 3834. 

Execution of Stainless Steel and AluminiumStructures (BS EN 1090-1)
An international standard  defining the quality requirements for structural steel and aluminium products.
Ensuring the safety performance of construction products, the Construction Products Regulation requires all structural steel and aluminium products to be CE marked.
For a manufacturer to be able to CE mark their products, they require certification of their Factory Production Control system by a Notified Body.
TWI Certification Ltd operates the Conformity Assessment of the Execution of Steel and Aluminium Structures scheme, providing assessment and certification of manufacturers in accordance with EN 1090-1.


Assuring the competence of your personnel

CSWIP, the Certification Scheme for Personnel, provides internationally recognised, role-specific competence certification for people engaged in welding, joining, materials integrity and inspection in manufacturing, construction, operation or repair of high integrity structures, plant or machinery.

To help companies ensure their staff are competent and can meet the required level of skill, CSWIP has developed a number of schemes to assist complying with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and EN ISO 3834. These include:

• Welding Quality Control Coordinator

• Welding Supervisor

• Welding Inspector

• NDT Inspector

• Heat Treatment Operator

• Welding Instructor

• Brazing Examiner

• Welding Examiner

• Welders

Descriptions and requirements documents for these and all other CSWIP schemes.