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Matt Gooch: Never Stop Learning

Wed, 31 January, 2024

With a substantial background in education that spans the globe, appointing Matt Gooch as TWI Certification Ltd’s (TWI CL) Senior Examination Coordinator was a no-brainer. Having worked for such esteemed establishments as Cambridge University Press and Assessment, and the British Council, Matt’s extensive experience of the examination process coupled with his understanding of the importance of certification and compliance is a perfect combination for our Examinations Team.

What many do not realise is that alongside providing the CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP certification schemes, TWI CL are also responsible for the examinations that candidates undertake as part of their application process. Matt’s role is to work with all stakeholders to unify the exam processes, ensure a consistent standard of examination and, ultimately, maintain TWI CL’s compliance with the requirements of our regulatory bodies and the international standards we are accredited to.

So what brought Matt to TWI CL and, more importantly, what makes him stay? TWI CL provided Matt with an opportunity to move on from the classroom, maintain a focus on quality and integrity, and join an organisation that would provide career opportunities and new challenges. While this brought him to TWI CL, it is the people that make the role – providing support and the opportunity to “work in the way that suits him best”, welcoming him with friendly smiles and good-humour.

It is not always sunshine and roses though. There are still many challenges in Matt’s role – ones that he addresses head-on. Working within a very small team can mean that there is not always someone readily available to “bounce ideas off”, and as the team grows new people joining have to hit the ground running. However, Matt is always keen to help his new colleagues, getting them up to speed fast so that they can work with him to “resolve the more intractable problems together”.

As someone who has been in the education sector for many years, Matt’s recommendation to anyone seeking a certification is to, “get it done. Never stop learning”. He adds that staying on top of your CPD is imperative, advising that candidates “don’t forget to document – it’ll make both your revision [for examinations] and your certification renewal easier”. Your certification is an important piece of evidence to demonstrate your competence and ability to complete a role specific task – a mandatory requirement in many organisations and for many industries.

Like his colleagues, Matt also has an affable nature, a trait easily seen by his most memorable moment at TWI CL; returning to the office after grabbing a coffee and walking into an impromptu team stand-up meeting. Twice. In two days. Rather than be flustered or offended, Matt took the unintentional exclusion in his stride, made a quick quip about the dangers of drinking coffee, and joined the rest of the meeting, to the amusement and delight of his colleagues.

When not avoiding meetings by taking a coffee break, Matt can be found on the home terraces of Cambridge United’s football stadium. When he is not watching football he is playing it, and when he is taking a break from all the excitement that is the turbulent season of Cambridge United, he can be found listening to his extensive vinyl collection and reading the latest science-fiction or comic book.

A full list of the CSWIP certifications available and details about each can be found on their dedicated webpage.

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