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Gyula Bognar: Searching for Certification

Thu, 29 June, 2023

Originally from Hungary, Gyula (pronounced Duel-a) moved to England in 2014 to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. However, he found himself looking for a career change and specifically, “a long-term job, not just the feeling of having a job.” Having already pursued study in Hungary in Communication and Media, Gyula then enrolled at Anglia Ruskin University in 2018 to complete a BSc (Hons) in Business Management. After successfully completing this course of study, 2022 saw Gyula interviewing and gaining a role with TWI CL; he had finally found the role he had been searching for.

Gyula started his first role within the Company Certification Team as an Apprentice Company Certification Officer, and he was promoted only a few months later to become a Company Certification Officer. Although his main role is to assist in the organisation of surveillances (an annual review each company must undergo to maintain their certification) he is also involved in several other aspects of TWI CL’s certification activities – preparing certificates, updating the website, maintaining documentation and client folders, to name but a few! Gyula’s role is incredibly diverse and he tells us he loves the variety and complexity of the challenges that this role offers

But what about this new role made Gyula realise his search for his “long-term job” was over? Why his TWI CL teammates of course! They are the part of his role that he likes the most, stating that “it is a really lovely place to work, and I enjoy my job so much that I am excited to come to work and meet head-on the challenges that his role offers.” The ‘rightness’ of his choice was only further confirmed during Gyula’s first day in our TWI CL office. This was a brand new experience for him, as it is his first office-based role in a completely new environment, and while (like anyone in a new role) he was a little nervous, the “warm welcome and supportive training throughout the day made [him] feel the opposite” by home time.

However, even when you enjoy your job it does not mean it has no testing moments. For Gyula, these challenges are the complex nature of certification, which ranges from gaining knowledge about the application of the various schemes, to the technical knowledge that each scheme (and its relevant standard) incorporates. While challenging Gyula, they do not faze him. For him, the challenges are just another thing he enjoys about his role, as it makes every day slightly different, and encourages him “to wake up and come to work every day.” For Gyula, successfully facing and solving a problem is key, as he enjoys “proving there is a way forward” even when a difficult situation may suggest otherwise.

His can-do attitude is what makes Gyula an asset to TWI CL’s Company Certification team and clients. For clients, Gyula is always on hand to support them with their most asked questions which range from how long will it take to get certified, who is the certification recognised by, or how much does it cost. Gyula’s advice to those seeking certification is to do your research and ensure that you have the appropriate certification to suit your requirements. He adds that it is better to plan for the long-term, and whilst certification from TWI CL is an expenditure, it demonstrates to clients and stakeholders that your product or process “is safe and trustworthy,” and operating without it may be a “risk [that you] regret later.”

Now that his search for his role is complete, what does Gyula like ‘searching for’ in his spare time? Well, true to his exploring nature, Gyula is always seeking new things – food, places or “exciting happenings!” These exciting happenings already include snowboarding! For Gyula, when he snowboards, “the landscape, the quietness and the speed, just create an unforgettable memory.”

More information about the certifications provided by TWI CL can be found on their dedicated webpages.

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