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TWI CL Refreshes its Visual Identity With a New Approach

Mon, 25 April, 2022

Leading accredited certification body TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) has refreshed its visual identity. A highly regarded and utilised source of competence assurance, for both personnel and companies, certification through TWI CL is a must have within the engineering industry. By rebranding, TWI CL is demonstrating its future forward approach and commitment to continuing to deliver high quality services to its customers, while paying tribute to its 25 year history of providing industrially relevant certifications.

As a result, TWI CL now has a brand new logo which utilises a modern design while reflecting the company’s heritage as a provider of certification for individuals and organisations, assuring industry of the competence and compliance of its people, products and procedures. In addition, the new look approach has been extended to encompass a brand new logo for each of the five company certification schemes.

A programme is currently underway to roll out the new logos across all relevant TWI CL documentation, following which all customers, both those utilising TWI CL for the first time and customers renewing existing certifications, will receive the rebranded version of their paperwork.

Customers for personnel certification should note that there have been no changes to, nor are there any planned for, the CSWIP logo.

For more information on TWI CL certification schemes, please visit the Certification pages on our website.

Emma Freckingham and Clare McGrath, Heads of Certification for TWI CL said “The strong colours, shapes and consistent fonts used in the new TWI CL and company schemes logos have been designed to convey service excellence and reliability, and to make it easy for customers seeking TWI CL certification to find us in today’s dynamic environment. Therefore, the first places in which we positioned our new logos were on our social media pages and on the new TWI CL website, which itself was launched in July 2021, and brought a new look and feel to our online presence.”

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