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New Achievements and Celebrations for TWI CL!

Thu, 27 October, 2022

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) is the only UK Authorised Nominated Body (ANB) for the European Federation for Welding, Joining, and Cutting (EWF), and International Institute of Welding (IIW). As such, it is responsible for overseeing the administration of the European and International Welding Co-ordination Diplomas – EWF/IIW Welding Engineer (E/IWE), Technologist (E/IWT) and Specialist (E/IWS) Diplomas. As part of their ANB status, TWI CL is also the only provider of the Personnel Certification Scheme (PCS), which enables holders of the EWF/IIW Diploma to demonstrate their continued competence, post qualification, as Certified EWF/IIW Welding Engineers (CE/IWE), Technologists (CE/IWT) or Specialists (CE/IWS).

Last week saw our Head of Personnel Certification, Clare McGrath, attending EWFs 30th Anniversary and annual General Assembly, in Lisbon, Portugal. Not only was this a celebration of the history and impact of EWF on the welding industry, but also of those ANBs who have been with them since their beginnings. TWI CL, along with Spain’s Asociacón Española de Soldadura y Technolgias de Unión (CESOL) and Portugal’s Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ) were the first three ANBs approved by EWF and celebrated their 30-year status this year too! Each organisation plays a key role in ensuring standards of welding engineering remain consistent across Europe, and that the EWF/IIW Welding Diplomas continue to be a premier way of demonstrating welding knowledge.

However, this is the only milestone TWI CL is celebrating! We are delighted to announce that Clare McGrath has become a Director of EWF and will take a more prominent role in steering the organisation towards its future goals and greater heights.

Congratulations to Clare, and thank you EWF for 30 years of cooperation, support and achievements. We look forward to the next 30 years!

More information on TWI CLs Personnel Certification Scheme can be found on our website.

Information on the EWF/IIW Diploma can be found on the website of our Authorised Training Body (ATB), TWI Training and Examinations.

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