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Certifiably Unique

Tue, 07 December, 2021

He might be one of our youngest company certification officers, but that has no impact on the extensive knowledge and experience that Jamie Fane, a senior company certification officer, brings to TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL). Having begun work as an apprentice certification officer when he was 19, Jamie’s career at TWI CL has rocketed - achieving three promotions in six years!

With such a meteoric rise within the ranks, it comes as no surprise to learn that Jamie has an unquestionable work ethic, a willingness to help others and the wisdom to seek help himself when needed. From the beginning of his employment with TWI CL, Jamie always felt he had the support of his colleagues and it is why he is eager to return the favour to other new members of staff, often being their first point of call for questions and troubleshooting. His knowledge and expertise is not only of benefit to his colleagues, but also to his customers, for whom Jamie answers questions on everything from booking a surveillance to invoicing.

The most frequent questions Jamie receives are, “what is the certification process” and “how much does it cost?” As TWI CL provides a bespoke certification process, specific to the needs of each individual client, and is priced as such, Jamie is always happy to take the time to go through the options and processes with each customer and provide a free, no-obligation quote customised to their requirements. For Jamie, certification is important as it is a sign of a company’s quality and compliance and he would recommend that every company achieves it and keeps it.

Despite his competence and capability, even Jamie struggled with the challenges faced by us all as a result of COVID-19. Having changed from working as part of a very close-knit team, always discussing best practice, to working remotely, away from the easy camaraderie of the group and the daily discussions, meant a complete change in working practices to ensure that the team dynamic, and customer satisfaction, remained consistent.

No matter how much Jamie loves his work and his team at TWI CL, there is one thing he loves more – football! Especially his beloved Manchester United and his local childhood team, Reading. So much so that his most memorable moment of working at TWI CL was on his 21st birthday where the team got together to buy him a signed Manchester United football shirt! In his spare time Jamie is an avid explorer, from hiking to bike riding, which is interspersed with the odd game of footie (of course!), for his local team Lakenheath Casuals FC. Clearly a man of many talents, when he isn’t enjoying the great outdoors, he can be found in his home listening to music or playing it himself on his tenor saxophone, keyboard or guitar.

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