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International Memberships

In order to provide certification that continues to meet the requirements of an ever evolving industry, TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) must maintain contact and be involved in those organisations that help shape the industry it operates within. 

The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF), consists of 28 European member countries who manage the International System for Training, Qualification and Certification of both welding personnel and companies using welding, in quality, environment, health and safety. Furthermore, it aims to promote the interests of the international welding industry through its members and support CEN, ISO and EA as a stakeholder organisation in regards to the development of standards and guides related to welding and allied technologies. 

The International Institute of Welding (IIW)  comprises welding associations from 50 countries worldwide, and its mission is to advance welding and joining through a worldwide network. Its network of members facilitates the sharing of outputs, from its working groups and boards, around the world, promoting optimum use and innovation in joining technologies, international standards and quality through education, training, qualification and certification. 

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) is the Approved Nominated Body (ANB) and Approved Nominated Body for Company Certification (ANBCC) for both the EWF and IIW. As such it represents the UK on a variety of Boards, Committees, Commissions and Working Groups run by EWF and IIW; advising on best practise, providing technical expertise, determining the aims and objectives of each organisation and, as a result, the international welding industry. 

As an ANB, TWI CL is authorised to approve training providers to deliver the EWF/IIW Welding Coordinator Diploma, considered by employers as one of the highest standards vocational education available in welding engineering. Successful candidates can then demonstrate consolidation of their learning in practical application, post completion of the qualification, through the EWF/IIW Personnel Certification Scheme (PCS).

TWI CL’s ANBCC status, means that it is the only UK company who is authorised to provide certification in accordance with ISO 3834 by EWF and IIW. EWF/IIW certification provides assurance that assessors are properly registered and trained, and as all certifications abide by the same operational structure, ensuring consistency across all certifications awarded worldwide. 

Outside of its ANB and ANBCC status, TWI CL is also a member of the European Committee for Welding of Railway Vehicles (ECWRV). This provides TWI CL customers, who have successful achieved certification under its CWRVC/EN 15085 scheme and meet the additional requirements of ECWRV, to be entered onto ECWRV’s EN 15085 register– a central tool which provides quality assurance in the process of certification of welding companies in railway vehicles and components. . 

TWI CL is also a member of the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) – The World Organisation for NDT . The ICNDT is a non-profit organisation devoted to the international development of the science and practice of Non-Destructive Testing in conjunction with individual NDT Societies and recognised continental groupings of NDT Societies. CSWIP NDT certificates  are accepted and recognised by all ICNDT members globally, and will be considered equivalent to a certificate awarded in any member country.  

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