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End Point Assessment (EPA)

The government’s report ‘The Future of Apprenticeships in England’ led to the complete change in design and delivery of apprenticeships. Now, apprenticeships are designed by industry-led groups, called Trailblazers, who ensure that apprenticeship standards and assessment plans, meet the requirements of the industrial employers (and their customers) that apprentices will be working within.

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) is an authorised End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for six apprenticeship standards: Welder Level 2 (ST0349), Welder Level 3 (ST0350), Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician (ST0292), Plate Welder Level 3 (STO852), Pipe Welder Level 3 (STO851) and Metal Fabricator Level 3 (STO607).

The end point assessment is the final synoptic assessment of an apprentice to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for their job role, and includes performance-led development goals but is separate to any qualifications or assessments taken during the apprenticeship itself.

An accurate assessment needs to be completed by experienced field assessors, who have the expertise to advise and steer candidates through the EPA, in turn making sure that newly qualified staff have the necessary skills and competence related to industry standards. An EPA conducted by TWI CL, ensures that the qualifying apprentice has the knowledge, skill and behavioural requirements set out in the apprenticeship standard.

Requirements for the End Point Assessment of Apprentice Welders

CSWIP-EPA-AW-30-18, 1st Edition, October 2018

Nuclear Welding Inspection Technicians

CSWIP-PCN-NWIT-1-15,1st Edition, March 2019

Requirements for the End Point Assessment of Apprentices Pipe and Plate Welders

CSWIP-EPA-PPW-33-20, 1st Edition, January 2021

Requirements for the End Point Assessment of Apprentice Metal Fabricator Level 3

CSWIP-EPA-MF-34-20, 1st Edition, April 2020

How to Apply

Applying for End Point Assessment (EPA) with TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) is a straightforward process. Simply submit an initial enquiry to TWI CL, and we will send you the relevant application forms.  Once received, the training provider and/or employer will need to complete the Apprentice EPA application form for each apprentice and each process.

For example, a Level 2 Welder will need to complete the application form twice, one for each process/material and a Level 3 will need to complete the application form three times, one for each process/material  required.

Upon receipt of the completed forms TWI CL will prepare a quotation and Service Level Agreement.

Once the Service Level Agreement is signed by the training provider and/or employer and returned to TWI CL with the relevant Purchase Order, practice questions and our assessors are immediately available for guidance and EPA assessment dates can be arranged.

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