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CSWTO (Training Provider Certification)

Certification Scheme for Welder Training Organisations (CSWTO)

In order to challenge in an increasingly competitive market, training organisations must be able to demonstrate that their establishments have the facilities needed to deliver the highest-level of training, and produce personnel that are suitably competent and qualified to meet industry requirements. Our Certification Scheme for Welder Training Organisations (CSWTO) enables organisations to show, through third-party independent assessment, that their staff, facilities, equipment and procedures meet best practice.

Providing the quality assurance of training facilities, equipment, teaching materials and procedures, customers of CSWTO certified training organisations have enhanced confidence in the organisation's ability to deliver welder training to a defined standard and generate new business opportunities between training providers and industry.

Supported by CSWIP Welding Instructor and CSWIP Welding Examiner certification, CSWTO is a mark of competence for delivering welder and brazer training and assessment. CSWIP certificates can provide competence assurance and continuing professional development (CPD) for the welders and brazer Trainer/Lecturers. A TWI CL, ‘Approved Centre’ plaque will be received along with successful certification.

For the most capable organisations, there is the opportunity to gain approval as a CSWIP Welder examination venue, wherein they can undertake welder assessments for their students and staff that will provide CSWIP Welder certification in accordance with industry-recognised standards (ISO 9606, AWS etc.).

Requirements for the Certification of Welder Training Organisations

Currently under review  

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How to Apply for CSWTO

To apply to be assessed against the requirements of CSWTO please complete the application form located in the link below and email to

You will then be provided with a no-obligation quotation for conducting the assessment.

Further information on the scheme and how the assessment is conducted can be found in the CSWTO Scheme Description document above.

F01-CSWTO Application Form - 307kb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check our list of frequently asked questions about the scheme and the certification process.

View FAQs

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