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CMSM/ISO 17782

Certification of Manufacture of Special Materials (CMSM)

The manufacturing of special materials requires competence and experience in a variety of areas. Manufacturers not only need to have the appropriate facilities and equipment, be able to manufacture the necessary shapes and sizes with the acceptable properties (according to the applicable standard, material specification and/or material data sheet), but also demonstrate competence and experience in regards to the material grades of metals.

TWI CL’s Certification of Manufacture of Special Materials (CMSM) Scheme, provides certification in accordance with ISO 17782: Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Scheme for conformity assessment of manufacturers of special materials, and NORSOK M-650. Furthermore, CMSM offers a clear, high-profile, and independent verification of compliance, and provides third-party confirmation of manufacturing capabilities, and staff competence, within a defined scope of activity.

CMSM certified companies can experience increased national and international business, through full compliance with ISO/IEC 17065 UKAS accredited Certification Body, such as TWI CL. Those who manufacture welded products can also receive further support in any applications for WFCS or EWF/IIW MCS certification of conformity with ISO 3834-2 for the relevant scope of production.

Successful manufacturers will be issued a CMSM Certificate and a Manufacturing Procedure Conformity Record (MPCR) schedule, with the intention that they be acceptable to multiple customers within the scope of the certification.

Scheme Description and Benefits

CMSM/1, 2nd Edition, December 2018 (ISO 17782)

How to Apply

To apply for assessment against the requirements of ISO 17782 and NORSOK M-650 / CMSM, please send in your Manufacturing Procedure Summary (MPS), together with evidence of any existing certification to

If the documents are too large to send in an email, please contact us and we will provide a sharefile.

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Register of Certified Companies

All companies who have been certified by TWI CL are listed in our register of certified companies. 

Register of Certified Companies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check our list of frequently asked questions about the scheme and the certification process.

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