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EU FPC for CE Marking

FPC Certification for UKCA, CE (UK)NI and CE Marking

As of 1 January 2021, TWI Certification Ltd became a UK ‘Approved’ Body for Factory Production Control (FPC) certification in accordance with EN 1090 and the Construction Products Regulation 2011, retained EU law, and amendments under the UK Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 1359.

The only change that will affect TWI CL customers for the UK Market will include the introduction of the UKCA marking and a system of third-party conformity assessment by UK-recognised ‘Approved’ Bodies, in place of the current EU system for ‘Notified’ Bodies.

UK manufacturers with successful UK FPC certification with TWI CL to EN 1090-1 are then able to UKCA, CE (UK)NI mark their structural steel and aluminium products on the UK and Northern Ireland markets. With the UK’s withdrawal from the EU TWI CL can no longer act as an EU Notified Body (NB) and provide EU FPC certification to CE mark products requiring exportation to Europe.

In order to continue offering the standard of service expected by our customers TWI CL has collaborated with EU NBs to offer EU FPC certification for those customers who require it. These partnerships will enable customers to reap the benefits of two Certification Bodies; all assessments will continue to be conducted by your Certification Body but under the evaluation of both Certification Bodies, enabling our customers to not only UKCA, CE (UK)NI but also CE mark their products.

A small yearly additional fee (£350, 2021) will be charged to customers requiring either CE or UKCA, CE (UK)NI from TWI CL or the EU NB’s (as appropriate). 

TWI CL’s current partnerships include: